December 16, 2013

Being private

I a going to be switching over to a private blog pretty soon. Please contact me by the end of the year so I can add you to the list of people who can see it. Thanks!

A giveaway.

We have done a pretty big overhaul of our diet since Louis had some food sensitivities when he was a baby. (who knew dairy was in everything, at least that is how it felt)

Anyways, I am sharing a giveaway from The Humbled Homemaker. Redmond sea salt and a bunch of other cool prizes. Check it out here.

An update on the family will be happening pretty soon. :-)

March 05, 2013


So I have some massive updating to do.

First thing, Charlie did not get into the PA program. It was a devastating blow as we were both sure that it was what God had in store for us. I have a hard time being adventurous/gutsy/doing anything that *could* go "wrong". So me doing something gutsy is an evidence of grace. Yay for growth! I also found out that I can manage the house pretty well, even when I loose the majority of help from Charlie.  Charlie found out that he is still smart. On all 4 classes he had an A for the final grade. (yes, you can kick him in your mind if you want) The not-so-fun thing we learned... I am a horrible single parent. Not the kind you call into CPS, but the overwhelmed kind. That is the word that described those 3ish months. Overwhelming. We also found out that time together as a family and couple is vital to our relationships. Kids need to see their daddy and mommy needs to hang out with daddy.

Second update. Our sweet boy is three. *sobs in corner* We invited our small group, some of Charlie's co-workers, family and neighbors. It was loud and fun. We had some yummy carob cake. He got a bunch of cars. It was good. :-)

Third... Our baby is one. *now wails in corner* It is so difficult to imagine life without sweet baby K. We had a just family dinner on her birthday. Charlie had his final for his microbiology class that night, so he didn't get home till 7:30. We had spaghetti and salad for supper. And homemade strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Then the next day my family came over for dinner. And a week after that Ben, Kari and the kiddos came over.

So those are the bullet points of the last several months.
Now I am going to put a list of posts that I have been reading. With so much 3-on-1 time with the kiddos, I have been trying to read some encouraging stuff on parenting. If anyone tells you its easy, they are lying. There might be a couple non-parenting ones in here somewhere. :-)

Christina @ The Gospel Coalition blog talks about Motherhood for the Rest of Us

Sarah Mae talks about the reality of wanting to change, and then failing again. On her blog.

A Gospel centered mom looks both ways on Girl Talk

Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers talks about having godly mentors.

Training vs crushing your child's spirit @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.

The right reason we should have when we want our children to obey @ Girl Talk

When we sin against our kids @ Girl Talk

December 24, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!! Here is what we have been up to this year.

Charlie continues to work for a local car shop. He enjoys it (most days). He is also co-leading an MC (missional community) in the area of town that we live in. The goal of MC is to serve and be Jesus' hands and feet to our neighborhood. Several months ago our church leaders asked him to be on sermon evaluation every month and a half. Charlie has also started school again. He applied to get into the physicians assistant program at UNMC. They should be picking the candidates in the next 2 weeks. No word yet on if they picked him. He needs to finish about 40 credit hours of school in order to be able to do the program. (he can be accepted before he finishes them, but he would have to have them done by July 2013) So he has 21 credit hours he is doing at the local college right now.

Melissa is still at home taking care of the children. They continue to keep her one her toes. She is currently looking into what it will take to homeshool Anne this coming year. She also keeps track of everyones schedules. She is also the "co-event finder" for our MC, finding community goings-on and letting the group know. Melissa got a new camera for her birthday, (woo hoo!) and enjoys taking pictures of the kids and other stuff too. We also bought an electric piano this year and she is excited to teach Charlie and the kids how to play.

Anne turned 4 this summer and is a constant bundle of energy. She started home preschool this fall and most of the time enjoys her schoolwork. She is able to identify a few letters. She enjoys the more artsy parts of her school (music, colors, shapes, ect...). She is also very athletic and has no fear when it comes to trying new stunts. She got several new dance outfits for Christmas and we are looking into signing her up for dance lessons. The girl loves music.

Louis is about to turn 3 this coming January. He is all boy. He loves to wrestle with Daddy, and really anyone who comes near him. Which his sisters do not appreciate. He loves to play with his cars and kick his soccer ball around. He is still on the tiny side, but he does not let that stop him from doing anything. He loves to play with his big sister and is starting to enjoy having a little sister.

Katrina is our newest member. She was born this past February and just turned 10 months. She is our biggest baby, already weighing in at 20lbs. She also wants to keep up with her older siblings and has been taking up to 7 steps at a time without any help. She is a cuddle bug and loves her family.  She is her own person and is constantly showing us that, although she looks like the other two, she is different.

We hope you all enjoy your Christmas, celebrating that little Baby who would become our King and Savior.

October 17, 2012

Crunchy leaves and such

The chill of the upcoming weather is starting to set in. Our furnace is on and I am so thankful for our cozy house. :-)

Here are some updates on the family.

Charlie- continues to keep busy. When he is not at work there is still stuff to do around the house or friends' car to work on. Busy man. He is also co-leading a small group that is part of our church. They call them MCs (Missional Communities). As you might be able to tell by the name, it is not just a small group. The focus of the group is serving and sharing the Gospel with the people in our neighborhood. We have had 2 core group meetings (leadership) now and are looking forward to adding more people to the group and getting out there.

Melissa- has continued to manage house and kiddos. I am going on 3 months now with keeping up on menu planning. That is the longest I have done that is the whole 5 years of marriage. Staying organized is not my strong point. I have a clavinova now!! And a new camera. :-) We haven't had a piano since Anne was a baby (left it in MD when we moved), so I am very rusty. But it has been so nice being able to play again. I am planning on teaching the kiddos and Charlie has had a few lessons as well. The camera also has been nice. The one we had had this awful habit of ruining pictures and videos by having "shadows" of other pictures or videos in them. It was annoying and sad. Especially when it was a special picture, ie Anne's birthday.

Anne- continues to grow in so many ways. She knows how to write "a","b" and "c". Doesn't always seem to get the phonics part down, but we are working on it. She can also type her name on the computer. For her birthday she got a few pretty dresses/dance clothes. She loves to run around with my scarves and dance. She loves to play with Katrina and pretty much can make K laugh at anything she does. Last week we were at my parents and she drew several elaborate chalk pictures. She definitely has some artistic genes in her body.

Louis- is our boy. Anything that has to do with vehicles, he loves. He loves wrestling. Anyone. His sisters don't like that fact. He also LOVES riding his bike. And really any outside activities. Unfortunately we are getting to the really trying stage. :-( Like today... we went to the store to pick up a few things, and the entire time we were at the store he screamed and threw a major fit. He did the same last week too. He had some discipline when we got home and has been pretty good since then. He just has his moments. He is finally getting bigger, up to 25lbs now. His new favorite past time is putting puzzles together or playing with the shape sorter. He is pretty good at it.

Katrina- thinks she is a toddler. The girl has gone from crawling, to standing a few seconds at a time in just 2 months. It is rare to find her crawling anymore. She just wants to try to keep up with the older siblings. Her favorite (and only) word is "mama". She is a mama's girl, but she loves everyone in the family. She is such a happy girl. She is constantly on the move and tries to play with Anne and Louis. They are the "best" in her little eyes. No teeth yet (yay!). We just started rice cereal this past week. She likes food. :-)  She is by far our biggest baby weighing in at 17+ lbs already.

Enough words, on to the pictures!