October 17, 2012

Crunchy leaves and such

The chill of the upcoming weather is starting to set in. Our furnace is on and I am so thankful for our cozy house. :-)

Here are some updates on the family.

Charlie- continues to keep busy. When he is not at work there is still stuff to do around the house or friends' car to work on. Busy man. He is also co-leading a small group that is part of our church. They call them MCs (Missional Communities). As you might be able to tell by the name, it is not just a small group. The focus of the group is serving and sharing the Gospel with the people in our neighborhood. We have had 2 core group meetings (leadership) now and are looking forward to adding more people to the group and getting out there.

Melissa- has continued to manage house and kiddos. I am going on 3 months now with keeping up on menu planning. That is the longest I have done that is the whole 5 years of marriage. Staying organized is not my strong point. I have a clavinova now!! And a new camera. :-) We haven't had a piano since Anne was a baby (left it in MD when we moved), so I am very rusty. But it has been so nice being able to play again. I am planning on teaching the kiddos and Charlie has had a few lessons as well. The camera also has been nice. The one we had had this awful habit of ruining pictures and videos by having "shadows" of other pictures or videos in them. It was annoying and sad. Especially when it was a special picture, ie Anne's birthday.

Anne- continues to grow in so many ways. She knows how to write "a","b" and "c". Doesn't always seem to get the phonics part down, but we are working on it. She can also type her name on the computer. For her birthday she got a few pretty dresses/dance clothes. She loves to run around with my scarves and dance. She loves to play with Katrina and pretty much can make K laugh at anything she does. Last week we were at my parents and she drew several elaborate chalk pictures. She definitely has some artistic genes in her body.

Louis- is our boy. Anything that has to do with vehicles, he loves. He loves wrestling. Anyone. His sisters don't like that fact. He also LOVES riding his bike. And really any outside activities. Unfortunately we are getting to the really trying stage. :-( Like today... we went to the store to pick up a few things, and the entire time we were at the store he screamed and threw a major fit. He did the same last week too. He had some discipline when we got home and has been pretty good since then. He just has his moments. He is finally getting bigger, up to 25lbs now. His new favorite past time is putting puzzles together or playing with the shape sorter. He is pretty good at it.

Katrina- thinks she is a toddler. The girl has gone from crawling, to standing a few seconds at a time in just 2 months. It is rare to find her crawling anymore. She just wants to try to keep up with the older siblings. Her favorite (and only) word is "mama". She is a mama's girl, but she loves everyone in the family. She is such a happy girl. She is constantly on the move and tries to play with Anne and Louis. They are the "best" in her little eyes. No teeth yet (yay!). We just started rice cereal this past week. She likes food. :-)  She is by far our biggest baby weighing in at 17+ lbs already.

Enough words, on to the pictures!

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