December 24, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!! Here is what we have been up to this year.

Charlie continues to work for a local car shop. He enjoys it (most days). He is also co-leading an MC (missional community) in the area of town that we live in. The goal of MC is to serve and be Jesus' hands and feet to our neighborhood. Several months ago our church leaders asked him to be on sermon evaluation every month and a half. Charlie has also started school again. He applied to get into the physicians assistant program at UNMC. They should be picking the candidates in the next 2 weeks. No word yet on if they picked him. He needs to finish about 40 credit hours of school in order to be able to do the program. (he can be accepted before he finishes them, but he would have to have them done by July 2013) So he has 21 credit hours he is doing at the local college right now.

Melissa is still at home taking care of the children. They continue to keep her one her toes. She is currently looking into what it will take to homeshool Anne this coming year. She also keeps track of everyones schedules. She is also the "co-event finder" for our MC, finding community goings-on and letting the group know. Melissa got a new camera for her birthday, (woo hoo!) and enjoys taking pictures of the kids and other stuff too. We also bought an electric piano this year and she is excited to teach Charlie and the kids how to play.

Anne turned 4 this summer and is a constant bundle of energy. She started home preschool this fall and most of the time enjoys her schoolwork. She is able to identify a few letters. She enjoys the more artsy parts of her school (music, colors, shapes, ect...). She is also very athletic and has no fear when it comes to trying new stunts. She got several new dance outfits for Christmas and we are looking into signing her up for dance lessons. The girl loves music.

Louis is about to turn 3 this coming January. He is all boy. He loves to wrestle with Daddy, and really anyone who comes near him. Which his sisters do not appreciate. He loves to play with his cars and kick his soccer ball around. He is still on the tiny side, but he does not let that stop him from doing anything. He loves to play with his big sister and is starting to enjoy having a little sister.

Katrina is our newest member. She was born this past February and just turned 10 months. She is our biggest baby, already weighing in at 20lbs. She also wants to keep up with her older siblings and has been taking up to 7 steps at a time without any help. She is a cuddle bug and loves her family.  She is her own person and is constantly showing us that, although she looks like the other two, she is different.

We hope you all enjoy your Christmas, celebrating that little Baby who would become our King and Savior.

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