March 05, 2013


So I have some massive updating to do.

First thing, Charlie did not get into the PA program. It was a devastating blow as we were both sure that it was what God had in store for us. I have a hard time being adventurous/gutsy/doing anything that *could* go "wrong". So me doing something gutsy is an evidence of grace. Yay for growth! I also found out that I can manage the house pretty well, even when I loose the majority of help from Charlie.  Charlie found out that he is still smart. On all 4 classes he had an A for the final grade. (yes, you can kick him in your mind if you want) The not-so-fun thing we learned... I am a horrible single parent. Not the kind you call into CPS, but the overwhelmed kind. That is the word that described those 3ish months. Overwhelming. We also found out that time together as a family and couple is vital to our relationships. Kids need to see their daddy and mommy needs to hang out with daddy.

Second update. Our sweet boy is three. *sobs in corner* We invited our small group, some of Charlie's co-workers, family and neighbors. It was loud and fun. We had some yummy carob cake. He got a bunch of cars. It was good. :-)

Third... Our baby is one. *now wails in corner* It is so difficult to imagine life without sweet baby K. We had a just family dinner on her birthday. Charlie had his final for his microbiology class that night, so he didn't get home till 7:30. We had spaghetti and salad for supper. And homemade strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Then the next day my family came over for dinner. And a week after that Ben, Kari and the kiddos came over.

So those are the bullet points of the last several months.
Now I am going to put a list of posts that I have been reading. With so much 3-on-1 time with the kiddos, I have been trying to read some encouraging stuff on parenting. If anyone tells you its easy, they are lying. There might be a couple non-parenting ones in here somewhere. :-)

Christina @ The Gospel Coalition blog talks about Motherhood for the Rest of Us

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Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers talks about having godly mentors.

Training vs crushing your child's spirit @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.

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